Evaluation Process

2018 Evaluation Final Results - Posted May 4, 2018

The Project Evaluation Results for 2018 are now available and can be accessed in the PDF link provided below. The Evaluation Results reflect a comprehensive Data Adjustment Period, Appeals Process, and application of the tie-breaking method outlined in the 2018 Evaluation Instructions posted on the NYC CCoC website.

The Average Score is: 70.65

The Median is 72. 


Three (3) additional projects were granted exemption by the NYC CCoC Evaluation Appeals Committee from the 2018 Evaluation and are now included in the list with the other exempt projects. Three (3) TH projects had their scores adjusted to reflect that they are scored out of 95 points as per the 2018 Evaluation Process Instructions.

2018 Evaluation Final Results (PDF)

The NYC CCOC Steering Committee annually reviews the evaluation scoring standards for renewal projects in advance of the annual NOFA using the following process:

Scoring standards adopted use provider provided survey responses, APR and HMIS data to evaluate the degree to which projects improve the CoC's system performance. Department of Social Services (DSS) analyzes performance, compliance, and consumer satisfaction data and prepares scoring reports. Applicants may submit an appeals request to the Appeals Committee, which is appointed by the Steering Committee, and reviews and approves or denies requests for scoring adjustments. Providers are notified of the Committee's decisions and final scores are posted on the website. Parties with conflicts of interest are disallowed from participation on the Grievance Committee.

2018 Evaluation Timeline
Discuss Recommended Changes to 2018 Evaluation ProcessSeptember - December 2017
Present 2018 Evaluation Tool at Steering Committee Meeting and approve via Online SurveyDecember 19 - 21, 2017
Evaluation Information Sessions (registration for February 2nd is now closed. All other sessions are open.) February 1-2 & 5, 2018
Evaluation Online Survey Opens for Data Collection February 5, 2018
Online Evaluation Survey Due with verification materials (back-up documentation to survey and consumer participation materials) March 2, 2018
Preliminary Results March 23, 2018
Data Adjustments (Provider and DHS) Opportunity for providers to make data corrections in HMIS and inform DHS that changes have been made and/or alert DHS to errors April 6, 2018
Updated Preliminary Results (applies only if Data Adjustments made above) April 13, 2018
Appeals of Evaluation ScoreApril 16, 2018
Program Notified on Status of AppealsApril 30, 2018
Final Evaluation ResultsMay 4, 2018

For general questions about the 2018 Evaluation please contact Charles Winkler or:

Merih Anil who will work with agencies A-K.
Aleida Valentin who will work with agencies L-Y.

2018 Evaluation Documents

2018 CCoC Evaluation Tool (PDF) - Updated February 7, 2018
2018 Evaluation Process Instructions (PDF) - Updated February 7, 2018

2018 Evaluation Process Data Adjustment Period Form (PDF) - Updated March 23, 2018

2018 CCoC Evaluation Process Appeals Form (PDF) - Updated March 23, 2018

2018 NYC CCoC Evaluation Preliminary Scores

The Average Score is: 70.65; The Median is 72.