Welcome To the New NYC CCoC

Welcome to the NYC CCoC

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2015 Evaluation Process
The 2015 Evaluation Process has begun. The schedule, tool and instructions can be found on the Evaluation Process page.
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Expediting SH Placements
The memo has been developed by NYC Department of Homeless Services, NYC Housing and Preservation Development, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and NYC Human Resources Administration in an effort to expedite the supportive housing placement process. This ongoing effort was an outgrowth of a meeting convened by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Veteran's Administration and the United State Interagency Council on the Homeless which challenged communities to develop new strategies to rapidly house the chronically homeless.

This memo outlines the initial process improvements that have been developed to expedite supportive housing placements.
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Steering Committee Membership Solicitation
The NYC CCoC is now accepting applications for Steering Committee Representatives from eligible Government, Coalitions, Consumers, and At-Large members. For more information...
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Letter from Ann Oliva to Grant Recipients, CoC Leaders & Stakeholders
Ann Oliva's letter provides an update on key initiatives and issues that impact the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS), Continuum of Care (CoC) Program and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) recipients, and the people whom we all serve.
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Final Evaluation Ranking
2014 Final Evaluation Ranking (PDF)

Final 2014 HMIS Standards Released
2014 HMIS Data Standards Announcement (PDF)
2014 HMIS Data Standards: Manual ver 2.1 (PDF
2014 HMIS Data Standards: Data Dictionary ver 2.1 (PDF)

For CoC HMIS Recordkeeping Requirements Start Up Training Video and Data Collection Templates - click here

Transition Age Young Adult Tool kit
Here is a Transition Age Young Adult tool kit mentioned during the last Steering Committee meeting:
A Toolkit for Guiding Transition Age Young Adults
to Long-term Housing Success

Vincent Hom's SNAPS Update Presentation
At the March NYC CCoC Steering Committee Meeting Vincent Hom made a presentation on the SNAPS update. The materials from that presentation are now available. Presentation Materials:
Administrative Staff Daily Activity Log (PDF)
LESC Bi-Weekly Adminstrative Time Sheet (PDF)
SNAPS Update (PDF)

Steering Committee Meeting Location
The Steering Committee Meeting Locations have changed. The new locations are as follows:

Steering Committee Meetings
Voting Members Only Larger Community
Department of Homeless Services
33 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
20th Floor, Room 2004
American Red Cross
520 W 49th Street
New York, NY 10019

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NYC CCoC DHS Liaison List
In order to facilitate and assist providers in addressing NYC CCoC requirements, policies and procedures such as the NOFA and Evaluation processes, going forward DHS has divided the provider list between Merih Anil and Aleida Valentin as follows:

The listing by agency is available on the Contact Information page. Please make sure that beginning April, 1, 2013 that you use this list when contacting Merih Anil or Aleida Valentin for information, assistance or questions.
For HMIS questions please contact Nicketa Nusum.
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