Recent Updates

NYC CCoC DHS Liaison List (PDF)
In order to facilitate and assist providers in addressing NYC CCoC requirements, policies and procedures such as the NOFA and Evaluation processes, going forward DHS has divided the provider list between Merih Anil and Aleida Valentin as follows:

Merih Anil (929-221-6181) will work with agencies beginning with Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund through Kenmore Housing Development Fund (A-K).

Aleida Valentin (929-221-6184) will work with agencies beginning with Lenox Hill through the YMCA of Greater New York (L-Y).

Please make sure that you use this list when contacting Merih Anil or Aleida Valentin for information, assistance or questions.

For information regarding HMIS please email Roxanna Deleon or Michael Brydges.

For more information regarding membership and participation with the NYC Coalition on the Continuum of Care please email Martha Kenton.

HUD Grant

For information regarding the execution of your HUD grant, submitting your technical submission, or other matters regarding your HUD grant please contact your HUD Homeless /HOPWA Programs Team:

Contact (e-mail) Phone Fax
Larry Hirsch (212) 542-7147 (212) 542-7455
Melissa Lockley (212) 542-7429 (212) 542-7455
Seth Margoilies (212) 542-7426 (212) 542-7455
Arthur Treglia (212) 542-7437 (212) 542-7455
Barbara Maultsby (212) 542-7434 (212) 542-7455